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The best time to give Promise Rings For Couples as a present and what is it a symbol of

Engagement rings with sapphire are a favorite among women regardless of whether they're pink or yellow.

The significance of the Couple Jewelry Sets

All women love the timeless blue sapphire ring. It is a favorite present for engagements because of its classic appeal. It's easy: blue sapphire symbolises happiness and peace because of its blue color. This is the reason why it's normal to believe that a blue sapphire ring can protect and shield against misfortune for those who are given it. Blue sapphires are associated with purity and faithfulness This makes it the perfect stone for asking someone you love to marry you as it represents pure, loyal love.

Sapphire: a suggestive precious stone

The perfect choice to pay tribute to women who have blue eyes, sapphire is one of the most suggestive precious stones used to make jewelry. According to the ancient tradition, people who wear sapphires are magnanimous and faithful as well as capable of resisting the temptation. The chemical makeup of sapphire is an aluminum oxide. It is the sole natural substance that can reach a Mohs hardness of 9. The world's most extensive sapphire deposits are located in Australia, Burma and Cambodia. They can also be discovered in Thailand, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The gem is usually sold with a circular or oval cut. However, it is also set in the shape of a baguette or heart.

Sapphire rings in all colors, not only blue

While the most commonly used are blue, there are many shades of sapphire like yellow, pink blue, orange, purple or green. Most rings are made of yellow, pink or blue sapphires in the market. With regard to the latter rings, they are typically made from white gold that goes well with yellow. However, rings with pink sapphires are ideal for women who love romance. Costs can vary based upon the characteristics of the ring. This includes the metal, the size of the stone, and the presence of diamonds inside the ring. The most inexpensive versions are priced at between 300-400 euros, but they can be higher than 10 thousand euros if they are signed by a major fashion house.


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